What Makes Washlet The Eco-Friendly Choice For Your Bathroom

What Makes Washlet The Eco-Friendly Choice For Your Bathroom

With the functionality of a bidet and many other quality-of-life features, Washlets are a revolutionary product meant to improve the restroom experience as well as drive down environmental impacts from everyday toilet usage.

Easily installed on virtually any toilet seat, Washlets are a suitable addition to any bathroom and an eco-friendly, worthwhile investment in the long term for those concerned for the environment by eliminating or reducing the usage of toilet paper.


Reduced toilet paper consumption

One of the most significant eco-friendly benefits of using a washlet is the substantial reduction in toilet paper consumption. With the bidet feature effectively cleaning after each use, the need for excessive toilet paper is greatly diminished.

What this means is the need to spend money on toilet paper drastically drops with the effective cleansing function of the Washlet enough to maintain great hygiene after visiting the toilet. As well as helping consumers save money, the Washlet is a much more eco-friendly alternative to toilet paper due to the amount of water, raw materials and energy used in its production.


Conservation of water

Washlets are designed to be water-efficient. They utilise a targeted stream of water for personal hygiene, efficiently cleansing without the need for excessive flushing. Additionally, many washlet models incorporate adjustable water pressure and temperature settings, allowing users to tailor their experience while minimising water usage. 

By investing in a Washlet, the initial investment pays off quickly when users experience for themselves just how effectively the Washlet cleans while using very little water. With water and power bills at an all-time high, a Washlet is the perfect counter that helps you drive down costs when it comes to utilities.


Energy-efficiency features

Energy-efficiency features

Modern washlets often come equipped with energy-saving features. For instance, they include sensors that detect when you approach or leave the toilet, automatically powering on or off to conserve energy.

TOTO Washlets come with remote controls that carry many useful options to help with customising the Washlet to your energy-efficiency needs. For example, two convenient presets, the auto energy saver and the time energy saver, enable you to fine-tune the operating style of your Washlet to your household usage patterns. For example, the time energy saver proves useful for homes with few occupants, ensuring that the Washlet stays off and does not consume electricity when nobody’s home.

This means customisation of energy usage with precision. By making use of sensors and presets, TOTO’s Washlets provide you with the ability to control energy consumption with just a few button presses on the provided remote control.


No need for harsh chemicals

No need for harsh chemicals

TOTO Washlet provides an Ewater+ function, a method of electrolysing the water emitted from the Washlet to effectively kill off bacteria that may reside in toilets, such as E. Coli, reducing the need for harsh chemicals such as strong detergents and bleaches that may shorten the lifespan of your toilet bowl by affecting the enamel and porcelain surfaces.

Ewater+ works even more efficiently than toilet paper and cleaners due to the natural disinfectant properties that it carries. This provides consumers with savings due to less need to purchase toilet paper, detergents, and bleaches commonly used to keep toilets clean.



Purchasing a Washlet is not an eco-friendly choice that drastically reduces the usage of toilet paper and harsh chemicals, but a way of saving costs in and around the bathroom in terms of water and energy usage. With the rising costs of utilities, the TOTO Washlet makes for a worthwhile investment when it comes to bathroom fittings in Singapore.

With non-intrusive installation and a compact design that offers both comfort and convenience, the TOTO Washlet is an Eco-friendly choice for consumers considering an efficient option to traditional bathroom arrangements. On top of this, TOTO offers many attractive sales and promotions on products such as Washlets, TOTO toilets, and more!