Finding Coloured & Wood Accessories for Bathroom in Singapore

bathroom accessories in singapore

There’s something about having the right colours and designs in bathroom accessories to really add a sense of texture and authenticity to a bathroom and truly fit a person’s preference. You would want your accessories to be functional, but you would also want to accentuate your bathroom to fit your preferences further.

This can be done through options like wood accessories, which add a sense of warmth and nature. You may also be looking at other stylish colours too such as gold or matte black, as well as brushed gun metal.

If this is what you’re searching for, you would be finding these in bathroom warehouses around Singapore. But if you’re looking for the best, check out LOUIS coloured accessories in Singapore.

 LOUIS Coloured Accessories for Bathrooms

LOUIS Coloured Accessories for Bathrooms

LOUIS offers unique and timeless pieces to suit any aesthetic you would love in a bathroom. Their products have a range of different bathroom accessories; from basin and kitchen faucets, accessories, shower columns, and even mirrors.

The best part? These accessories offer additional functions to help you do more should you need them.

Most importantly, they are made of high quality materials that will add to your bathroom’s style; basic chrome, brushed gunmetal, brushed zirconium gold, and especially real black walnut wood.

If you’re looking for some accessories that will make your bathroom look classy, LOUIS adds something different from your conventional chrome fixtures which makes them one of the best bathroom accessories in Singapore.

Types of Accessories Available for Bathrooms from LOUIS

Looking at what kind of bathroom accessories and colours are available from LOUIS? Here are some you can look into adding to your bathroom that will surely appeal to your taste:

MU series 

Mu Series 3

The MU series from LOUIS offers a range of wood accessories that will add a touch of warmth and sophistication to any bathroom. Made from real black walnut wood with a protective coating, it gives off a sturdy yet stylish appearance when it’s mounted onto your bathroom wall.

MU series

These accessories were also designed for multiple functions, such as the towel bar also acts as a shelf for you to keep bathroom-related items or even add decorations as you like. You can even opt for a double paper holder that comes with a shelf.

JAN Series

JAN Series

For different coloured bathroom accessories, check out the JAN series that not only comes in chrome colour, but also brushed gunmetal and brushed zirconium gold for a more stylish look that will accentuate your bathroom further.

These accessories range from paper holders to wall mounted shelves, which even includes a double towel rack from LOUIS where you can put extra towels on the top rack and hang the used towels on the bottom rack.



A mirror is an essential accessory in any bathroom, and you can make it the highlight of your bathroom by placing a vanity mirror with LED light. LOUIS in Singapore offers exactly this, matched with genuine leather strap and comes in two designs; gold/stainless steel

led mirrorLED Mirror

For something more futuristic looking, there’s the USB powered LED makeup mirror and lamp that functions perfectly as a makeup mirror, and can even function as a bedside lamp should you like it enough in your bedroom instead! These come in colours of milky white and light pink.

 Choose The Best Design For You

Bathroom design

With an array of colours, styles and function, LOUIS bathroom accessories can help turn your bathroom into the one that you’re looking for.

If your favourite style is warm and textured, go for the wood coloured wood accessories like the MU series to give your bathroom a more natural feel to it.

If you prefer something more chic or stylish, opt for the JAN series with the brushed gunmetal and brushed zirconium gold to accentuate your bathroom further.

In fact, if you want to mix it up accordingly to suit your preferences, you can do just that. LOUIS accessories has a mix of coloured bathroom accessories to help you achieve that specific bathroom look you want.

Get LOUIS Bathroom Accessories Today

You can get the best bathroom accessories in Singapore with LOUIS through us at FullSun. We offer complete solutions for all your bathroom needs, providing high quality sanitary wares and have even done fittings for public facilities. Visit our online store and other bathroom accessories today to get inspired on your dream bathroom!